Come On, Let’s Dance!

“Come on, Steve, let’s dance! Please, let’s dance!”

When Julie and I were first dating and then early into our married life we loved to dance. Can I be totally honest… I’m not that good but I think I am. .. I grew up with Saturday Night Fever and John Travolta! I actually convinced myself I was on par with his sexy moves and unstoppable poses.

aka Steve Gutzler! Dancer Extraordinaire!

Julie and I never mastered choreographed moves like you see now on “Dancing with the Stars.” We were more “shake your body” no rhyme, no reason, no real method to the madness. I always knew it was a good night if Julie finally whispered in my ear, “you look like an idiot.” Or if we were dripping with sweat and all the rest of the dancers had moved several yards away.

Something like this...

But over time, life happened- kids came, bills mounted, schedules filled with soccer and football and baseball, there were sleepovers, mortgage payments, petty disagreements, and serious work. No more dancing for “Serious Steve.” Saturday Night Fever became Saturday Night Recovery. Then one day, out of the blue, after a football tournament for my son, we were with a group of parents and heard music off in the distance… from a night club… it was Saturday Night Fever type of music… hmmmm..

Julie looked at me and said, “Come on, Steve. Let’s dance!” We proceeded to lead the whole over-the-hill gang into the bar and danced to our little hearts desires until dawn. Well, not exactly dawn, but at least close to 1 am! I hadn’t seen that type of night since my Travolta days!

This next part is completely true. Julie and I now dance at least once a month. That is a lot for us. Sometimes we will go out with friends or follow our favorite Seattle band, the BGP. We dance and we laugh and Julie still tells me that I look like an idiot, now so more than once.

Leadership Application: Exceptional You 2.0

Can you roll out a little fun this year? “Come on, let’s dance!”

It is vitally important to maintain your energy and prevent burn outs. One of the most effective ways to do so is to plan fun and relaxation into your schedule. This is time that you deliberately put aside for unwinding and rebuilding. Dancing is a great example because it is fun, it is silly, and it is good exercise. Do something you enjoy that gets your heart pumping, your laugh booming, and your body moving, you’ll be a stronger more sustainable leader when you do.

Make it part of your schedule!

Try this: Set some time on your calendar for a “date night” and go dancing! Join the “you look like an idiot” club.

Try this: Set some ridiculously fantastic and stunning new goals that make you smile and dance.

Try this: Don’t worry so much about what you look like on the dance floor and get out there. Do it in your business too! Shake that business bootie a little. Shake it up and try some new things!   

Try this: Don’t be so serious. Some of the most extraordinary and successful leaders I know are a blast to be around. And they can dance! (Or at least they think they can…)

Try this: Recreational. Re-Creation-al activities put a smile on your face and a skip in your step. Why not take up some dancing lessons. Come on, let’s dance!

Try this:  Go dancing!

Leadership Note:

I know most of us have families and careers and real life pressures. We have goals and aspirations, desires for excellence and personal growth. We have financial responsibilities and worries. This is my simple heartfelt attempt to remind my readers and my myself that sometimes we need to just break out and dance.

To my beloved Leadership Community,

Let’s Dance our way through 2012
Let’s make it our best dance yet! Here’s to building better leaders and not so dirty dancers!

Ps. Be sure to check back later this week for a special post with more important information on the Leadership Quest Inner Circle! This year is your year to become the new and improved You 2.0, the Exceptional You! 

5 responses to “Come On, Let’s Dance!

  1. Great blog, Steve! Love the part about spontaneously going to dance after the football tournament! This was a great reminder on how important it is to plan relaxation into your schedule. We can all get caught up in our own busy lives.
    Thanks again, Looking forward to next week,
    Brooke Hubbard

    • Maggie,

      Thank you for your comment! Glad that it was inspirational to you as well. It serves as a great reminder to all of us to plan recreational time into our schedules. Good luck with your endeavors!

  2. Brother Steve, When we are born and enter childhood; a 4 letter word takes dominance in our mind. That 4 letter word is play. Play is the most important thing to a healthy child. If a child could; they would play all the time. When you and I got together in college. We still had a real healthy play drive intact. That’s why we got into so much mischief together. Oops. I keep forgetting I’m not supposed to tell. But most of it wasn’t misguided Steve. It was just the pure passion of play finding its way to the surface of our lives. But then through the course of college, marriage and the work-a-day world; we discovered the word play outlawed. And it replaced by another 4 letter word = work…. That’s where the Dancer’s forget to dance & the Slammers forget to slam. If we are really healthy; we find some way with God’s help to resurrect our play passion while doing the other 4 letter word. We find ways to make our work play. For me, you are reminding us all not to forget to play. I’ve been through some really heavy stuff. I need this reminder occassionally. Sounds like you do too. Glad you have a wife that reminds you to dance and joins you in the celebration. Dance with the joy of a child brother. You deserve it. SLAM-

    • Tim,
      You always leave such good comments. You have grown my message to a new level with your thoughts. I appreciate that so much. I also appreciate you bringing me back down memory lane!
      Looking forward to more comments from you in the future. Keep dancing!

  3. Oh Steve. I did mention this to you in a private forum…but where oh where is that reference to car-dancing???!!!???😉

    I always need a reminder to take life less seriously and just….DANCE! I am a dancing fool by nature…but very hard on myself in all the roles that I play in life…especially as a busy mother of three boys. Sometimes just letting down my hair and having a little fun is what I need to get a lift! Fun post Steve. Thanks as always! Smiles….Lora

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