Emotional Intelligence Boot Camp

“Steve, you have seven weeks to turn Debbie around.”

EI Boot Camp is a little quieter

The grim-faced senior leader at one of Microsoft’s most prestigious organizations had just commissioned me to coach a key member of their team, Debbie (name changed to protect privacy). The Commission: A crash course on Emotional Intelligence.

Debbie had been identified as an emerging leader, a rising star, with exceptional intelligence and a rare ability to present and communicate strategy. Just in her early 30’s, she was on a fast-track to becoming a real player and to providing leadership in the new roll out of business.

Unfortunately, on her way up to greater influence she began to sabotage her success. Her flaw? During times of pressure, she tended to jump to judgment and cast blame. Often, when her opinions were not embraced, her language (especially body language) communicated a lack of respect with almost a sulky attitude at times. It was impeding her true influence as a promising leader.
So here I was in a conference room with Debbie and seven weeks to turn it around.

What follows is an outline of Emotional Intelligence Boot Camp:
This is a turnaround story

#1: Emotions Drive our Behavior
They also determine performance levels and our leadership scope of influence.
The tip of the iceberg represents out behavior, performance, and leadership. A full 80% is under the surface. That submerged portion is our emotions.

Tip of the Iceberg --- Image by © Ralph A. Clevenger/CORBIS

What I shared with Debbie in week one was: Emotions can help you and they can hurt you, but you have no say in the matter until you understand them. Their influence can impact you and those you attempt to lead.Your IQ, your intelligence, and your technical skills got you in the game and hired at a world-class company. However, it will be your Emotional Intelligence skills, things like Self-awareness, verbal and non-verbal communication, collaborations, and empathy that will determine your success!

This week:
• Start observing your own emotions, your moods, and your attitudes. Observe how they influence you and those around you. Really study yourself.

• Each day rate your emotional wholeness (0-10) and watch how that links to that day’s performance and personal leadership.

• Start respecting your emotions and understand the impact they have on you and those you hope to influence.

Emotional Intelligence Trait of the Week: Self-Awareness
For 12 Self-Awareness Tips, visit the “Resource Tab” for a FREE download!  

Next Week: The Power of Self-Awareness

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