EI Boot Camp: Your Personal Leadership Standards

“When you take action in life and in leadership, you feel powerful and more confident.”

Note: Emotional Intelligence Boot Camp is the real life coaching of Debbie (name changed). This was a six-week turnaround in her leadership effectiveness by becoming more emotionally self-aware and self-managing of her emotional impact and personal influence.

Debbie, over the six weeks of coaching, had really stepped up and taken responsibility over her emotional impact and leadership! We witnessed her team respond dramatically better to her leading, coaching, and vision. In the six weeks she had:

• Come to the understanding that emotions drive your behavior, your performance, and that they play a significant role in your leadership.
• Worked at emotional self-management.
• Nearly eliminated her past inclination to allow herself to become emotionally hijacked, which had previously led to her forfeiting her influence by sabotaging her best efforts.
Learned to stop, disengage, breath and, then, re-engage with a more effective and powerful leadership.
• Bought into the fact that emotions are contagious. And learned that the number one aspect of being a strong leader is being able to bring positive emotions into a relationship and into a boardroom.
• Recognized the need, the huge need, to make emotional connections with other team members by making them feel valued and understanding where their strengths were. She had also recognized the need to give voice to their accomplishments and creating a culture of leaders where the team matters most!

Debbie had done an amazing job. Bottom line, her likeability and her credibility had improved by learning to self-manage her emotional economy.

Your Leadership Standards:
Now finally, I’d like to encourage you to take a few minutes each morning to write down your own personal beliefs.
• What will be the center of your life and leadership?
• What is the character and guiding tenants that are vitally important to you?
• What will be your ultimate contribution as a leader? Your lasting legacy?

Honestly, I was about Debbie’s age when I first penned, with shaky hand, my raw attempt at documenting my personal beliefs. My hands were shaking because my heart was broken; my self-esteem was at ground zero. At that moment in my life, I was unemployed and feeling unworthy of a great life.
It wasn’t a magical moment, but it was a defining one. I wrote out my center, my character, and my contribution. Weeks later I founded my company, Leadership Quest and started my upward journey in leadership influence, impact, and inspiration.

It was a pleasure working with Debbie. I saw greatness in her as she courageously led where she was and became extraordinary in her Emotional Intelligence as a leader! She is well on her way!

To learn more about Emotional Intelligence, download my FREE Emotional Intelligence Competencies Resource.

Just joining us?
Below are the weeks 1-5 of the Emotional Intelligence Boot Camp:

Week 1: Emotional Intelligence Boot Camp
Week 2: Emotional Self-Awareness
Week 3: Emotional Self- Management
Week 4: Emotional Management of Others
Week 5: How Leaders Build Emotional Connections

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