Steve’s Favorites: Bringing Out Your Brilliance: Let’s Soar!

“Dad, if we are going to do it, let’s go to sixteen-hundred feet!”

If you have been to the Caribbean or parts of Mexico, you are quite familiar with Para-sailing. From the beach it looks peaceful. The colorful sail gliding through blue sky being pulled by one of those Miami vice speed boats. Awesome. Let’s do that!


In reality it’s nerve wracking. The water is choppy. The drivers of our boat seemed to be suspiciously sipping tequila. The cables looked shaky. The harness straps creep up into places they shouldn’t creep. Sure it looked peaceful from the beach… but once you got out there, suddenly everything seemed so much more difficult and intimidating!

Once you arrive at the liftoff point, they ask, “How high do you want to go?”

The options are for 800 feet, 1,200 feet, or a terrifying 1,600 feet.

I was thinking that 800 sounded like a good option for me. I’m not really a big fan of heights, or tight harnesses, or choppy waters.

But before I could say anything, my son, Jayce, answered “Dad, if we are going to do it, let’s go for 1,600 feet!”

I was the last of my family to sail. I watched my three kids and my wife all take their turns flying above the water. I listened to their laughter, their screams, and the shouts of excitement. I watched their faces, their wide eyes, and their big smiles. All of this emboldened me to give it my best shot. I do have a serious fear of heights so this was a huge deal for me!


When I got up there, it was brilliant, it was breath-taking. It was so amazing to finally SOAR!

What about you?


Is there a part of you that has settled comfortably on the beach of life? Seriously, when was the last time you looked your fears in the eye and told them that they are not going to keep you down any longer? When was the last time you stretched yourself? When was the last time you looked yourself in the eye and said “If I’m going to do it, I’m going to go 1,600 feet?”

Discover your Brilliance

This is for you to take what you have and find that extra degree of sparkle.

In my coaching and corporate speaking I typically will issue a leadership challenge:

First: Set targets in life and business which are high! 1,600 feet high! Get off the lounge chair and dream big! Think big! And get crystal clear about defined goals and greatness. Set your targets to stretch you even higher than you can imagine!

Second: Start listening to your “Big Voice” that drives your subconscious and mind and in turn, determines your conscious actions. Transform your thoughts through inspirational readings, books, and messages. Read to lead. Personal Development books, futuristic books, soul-based books, and spiritual books. Your mind and thoughts are key to igniting positive emotions. And remember, Emotions drive our behaviors and performance!

Third: Move toward that which you fear. I used to be afraid of ultra-success. “Just give me a little,” I would think. But I had to break that meager and small-minded thought.

Note: I set a big stretch goal this year- a fear-defying goal!
Double my business and double my influence in one year!

Sometimes you have to challenge yourself, you have to risk it, you have to write, and you have to say it!

Now, if I get there I might go back to Mexico and celebrate! Maybe I’ll even sail again!

But this post is about you. I want you to SOAR. Risk. Come on, if we are going to do it in life, let’s go to the full height! Let’s go 1,600 feet!


You matter to me,
Steve Gutzler

One response to “Steve’s Favorites: Bringing Out Your Brilliance: Let’s Soar!

  1. What an inspiring post Steve! The photos really helped painting the picture about the feeling of soaring at 1,600 feet. WOW!

    I believe fears act like gatekeepers on our path to become ALL we’re destined to be: extraordinary!
    The two things I liked more about your post is: 1) you showed us your human side (and I could certainly relate to that) and 2) your example inspired us to step up and face our fears!

    Thank you so much dear Steve, for constantly guiding us on our way to become magnificent!

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