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The Stuff that Dreams are Made of: The Determined Dreamer

Question: Where have you been tempted to give up?

Question: Have you thought about tossing your dream to the wind?

Question: Can you look at one man’s life and be inspired to begin again?

Abraham Lincoln:

• A man instrumental in bringing an end to slavery
• A man responsible for bringing the most famous speech- The Gettysburg Address
• He guided a nation through its single greatest test- the Civil War
• A man history stands in awe of

Look at the score board of his life!
He actually had a losing record in life:

1. He had a very difficult childhood and was raised in incredible poverty
2. He had less than one year of formal schooling
3. 1831: He entered his first business: it failed
4. 1832: He ran for public office: he was defeated
5. 1833: He started another business: it failed
6. 1834: He ran for public office: he won!
7. 1835: The girl he was about to marry died suddenly
8. 1838: He was defeated as Speaker
9. 1840: He was defeated as Elector
10. 1842: He was married to Mary Todd. They had four sons. Only one son lived past the age of 18 years old. The other boys died at ages 4, 11, and 18.
11. 1843: He again ran for Congress: he was defeated
12. 1846: He was elected to Congress!
13. 1848: He was defeated for Congress
14. 1855: He was defeated for Senate
15. 1856: He was defeated for Vice President
16. 1858: He was defeated for Senate again

Let me ask you, if that was your scorecard, would you have run for President?

Three lessons from Lincoln:
1. He was resilient and always pushed through quitting points. You can too!
2. He was known for his ability to build bridges with people who earlier opposed him
3. He believed that failure is not an outcome but an attitude. Choose to have a successful attitude!

My Favorite Lincoln Quote:
“I do not like that man. I must get to know him better”

I encourage you this day to step back and re-think any setback or perceived failure you have had. It truly is preparing you for the magnificent purpose you were created for.

Be determined in your dreams!

Feeling Stronger,
Steve Gutzler