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Playing Big Part 3: The Healthy Mind Diet


Values are caught, not just taught. Be an example to your family and friends. Learn to be emotionally intelligent and watch your world change!

“Success is not a destination, it is a direction forward”

If you were looking to start your day off with a healthy breakfast, you wouldn’t wake up and take a shot of whiskey or down a bowl of potato chips. One of the first commitments I try to gain from my clients I coach is to “become a corporate athlete!” Take you health and fitness seriously, train like an athlete. Try like heck to “eat clean,” wholesome and fresh foods that will fuel your body. Take world class supplements, drink water (lots of water), and don’t be afraid to set fitness and health goals (have three for every 90 days). And, if nothing else, start the day with a nutritious breakfast- fresh fruit, yogurt, you get the idea. Breakfast is the pace-setter to your diet. It is the platform for your fuel and energy and ability to manage your emotions.

Your mental vitality can be trained just like your physical body. Use this athletic training mindset to transfer your habits from working out to training mentally. Just like breakfast is the key to your health and diet, the first 20 minutes of you day sets your emotional clock for Playing Big. If we want to be truly extraordinary, we cannot stuff “junk food” into our mind first thing in the morning. I suggest to my clients that checking email first thing in the morning is the worst way to start off the day. It is the equivalent of opening up the flood gates of information and emotional turmoil before you have set your emotional clock to Play Big. We all need a few minutes in the morning to orient ourselves to handle the trials and stresses of the day before we find ourselves flooded by them.

Instead, TRY THIS:

Wait to turn on your phone or check your email

The Healthy Mind Diet

Rather than checking your email, smart phone, TV, radio or any other device (or should I say vice), take 10-15 minutes to be quiet and thoughtful. Have your cup of coffee and practice appreciation. Take a few moments to give thanks for the people in your life who influence you, who care for you, who help you. Appreciate members of your family, your friends, your coworkers. Whisper a prayer.

For the next ten minutes, read to lead yourself. This means reading something you find inspiring, calming, orienting. Read something that will set your emotional clock to Play Big. Read something with words that will stay with you and encourage you throughout your day and give you something to remember when those stressors do come out to try to ruin your day. Right now, I am reading a great personal development book by Mel Robbins, “Stop Saying You’re Fine.”

Those twenty minutes you just spent with yourself will build a more powerful you. They will build a Play Big you, a “You 2.0.” The Healthy Mind Diet doesn’t have to be like a thanksgiving feast or an hour long meditation session, think more along the lines of a power bar or a handful of raw almonds. These are the bite-sized power snacks to fuel your emotions, your moods, and your attitudes.

Here is your Healthy Mind Diet Checklist:

  • Have a good breakfast every single day. It is the only way to start your day off with a healthy boost to your body.
  • Feed your mind some good stuff
  • Lead yourself first by reading words that will encourage you throughout the day
  • The inspiration hormone is DHDA, it responds to rest, inspirational music, and reading
  • Practice gratitude and appreciation. It sends a message to your subconscious mind which in turn tells your conscious mind “I’m feeling good!”

Remember when you Play Big, it provides positive emotions which lead to strong actions which in turn create stunning results.

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