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Five Ways to Keep Your 2013 Goals from Slipping

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When I was growing up, I’d go down the staircase to my room in the basement and I would glance at this long stretch of butcher paper with goals written on it. My dad would put up physical goals, family goals, possible vacation goals, and business goals. Each time he completed a goal he made a BIG check mark right next to it. It was always intriguing to me.

So now that I am grown-up, guess what I have up in my office. One of those big Post-It notes you see at team workshops that you can stick up on the wall. And it is full of goals.

Goals for my leadership business, our non-profit organization, my family, my health, my finances and my spiritual life all cover the board; there are 13 goals in all.

I would like to suggest five ways to keep your goals from slipping in 2013.

1. Create a “Code of Honor”

These are 10-12 promises to yourself you have to keep. Some examples from my code are: be the most positive person I know, be a corporate athlete, and practice daily solitude. I also put my promises down in ink and review them weekly. Your code of honor sets the tone for successful goal-getting!

2. Overcome the Procrastination Gap

I have a super simple, daily system I have used for years. I identify my “vital three” for the day, check to make sure they are aligned to my goals, and blueprint them into my calendar. Remember: what gets scheduled gets done. Don’t assume you’ll get it done because it is in your head. Discipline yourself to put it down in your daily schedule.

3. Avoid Negative Roadblocks

The biggest roadblock I witness in my clients is their own negative noise. Rather than rehash past mistakes, train your mind to focus on your action items. Think on your preferred future!

4. Set Realistic Goals

Get some small wins under your belt and live with a fresh and guilt free attitude. If your goals prove to be lofty, adjust them to the situation around you. Goals should not be barriers which lead to a negative, defeatist attitude.

5. Fire up Your Passion

Passion ignites us to daily accomplishments. Be fully in love with what you do. A wise man once told me that if you ever fall out of love, do the “first love” things again and you will fall back in love. There is nothing like love and passion to amp yourself back up and get you to accomplish your goals.

Which of these five goals can you apply today? Be a goal setter and a goal getter!

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Five Questions that Will Prepare You for a Successful 2013: Part 2

Imagine asking the single most important question for your leadership, having the courage to answer it and having the courage to pursue it! What does Madonna and the success of my leadership journey have in common? Well, believe it or not, I owe Madoanna a lot. Several years ago (prior to starting my company), I was watching True Hollywood Stories. It was actually a fascinating biography. It was on the journey of Madonna’s unending rebranding and re-making of herself over a dozen times.


Although I am not a huge fan, I do like some of her music and can very much respect her courage to remake her career and stay relevant as an entertainer. The big “Ah ha!” moment for me was when she said “I always grant myself permission for do-overs.” It made me consider what I want to do next and what do I want to be now.

That leads us to the second key question in our sure-fire strategic success plan for 2013.

Number Two:
What do you want to be and do in 2013?

Can you courageously answer that? What is your fundamental driving purpose? Really, why do you exist?

For me, it is all around inspiring greatness in individuals and organizations. I feel most alive speaking, training, and coaching. I am a teacher at heart and I exist for others, equipping, inspiring, and empowering.

  • What is your fundamental purpose?
  • What is your mission?
  • What is your vision for 2013?
  • What do you want to be and do?

Vision is a picture of the future which creates passion in the present.

When you see that picture clearly, focus and execution are close on the heels. Vision is that motivating spark. Please, don’t jump into goals and action items until you gain that exiting vivid picture for your business and personal leadership.

One more component to consider:
What is your code of honor? What are the 10 or 12 promises that you make and keep for your extraordinary 2013?

My code of honor consists of points such as:

  • I promise to blueprint out my days each and every day.
  • I promise to uphold health and fitness as a priority by exercising 4-5 times each week.
  • I promise to nurture my soul with prayer and solitude.
  • I promise to build my schedule around accomplishments and not just busy work.
  • I promise to spend 20-30 minutes each day in personal development.

Take a coaching tip from Madonna: grant yourself permission for a “do-over.” What do you want to be and do in 2013?

I trust this will be your best year to date!
Next week we will go over question three, but don’t let this week pass without careful consideration of question two.
If you missed question one, you can read it here.

Catalyst Series: Five Actions to Change and Shatter Old Patterns

What do you need to change? If you could change one element of your personal leadership or business, what would it be?

Having the privilege of meeting with Laura was something I had been looking forward to for days. She is a seasoned and successful marketing professional who built her career at Nordstrom. She is an innovator, a creative thinker with a proven-track record. And now I was going to pick her brain to give me a couple of marketing nuggets.
I brought some of my marketing pieces for my leadership business. Nice stuff. Needless to say, however, she stopped me in my tracks… “Steve, when did you create this?” I stammered and stumbled… I couldn’t quite remember. Finally, I responded “A couple of years ago I guess…”
Laura: “Hmm. Why don’t we start with something fresh? Something authentic to what you feel now regarding leadership and the changing business culture?”

A lot has happened in the last 24 months. Laura was right!

A catalyst leader must embrace the changing times by stepping up and being willing to change, to stay current, to stay relevant, and to stay on top of the game! Therefore…

Five Actions to Personal Change that Shatter Old Patterns

Catalyst Leaders:

1. Play on the High-Wire:

It is easy to cling to old patterns, to avoid risk and to pull out what has always worked in the past. I love that one quote “Become brilliant at becoming unpredictable.” Rather than giving power to your fears, give power to some fresh new ideas and take risks!

2. Get Enthusiastic about Change:

Catalyst leaders see change as an opportunity for personal growth and business growth. Their optimism overrides their loss of yesterday. Plus, they get around other super-charged people who view change as an exciting journey into the future. Remember, the future is now!

3. Turn Post Traumatic Stress Inside Out!

Though we have not come home from war with serious Post Traumatic Stress, a lot of us have struggled with fears and a weakening confidence as of late. Renewed strength and courage comes with each new step and each new action. Soon the very stress that froze us in our path turns inside-out with new ideas and new game-changing tactics.

4. Set Five New Goals:

Nothing accelerates new good change like well-defined and written goals. I challenge you to write down five new goals for your leadership and business today!

5. Keep Faith in the End of Their Story:

One of my mentors had a heart transplant several years ago. He told me that the key to his recovery was to keep faith in the end of his story. He still had dreams to accomplish and memories to build with his children. His “second half” became his most impactful and most influential times of his life. He kept the faith!

Finally: What is one area in your life or business that you could change to position yourself for greater success and significance?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Here is to becoming a better Catalyst Leader!
Steve Gutzler