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The #1 Quality of Exemplary Leadership

Jake Porter

Ohio has a lot of big high school football games. But none of them were bigger for two teams and a kid by the name of Jake Porter than the one on a Friday night a few years back. Let me tell you the story. Jake Porter has a disorder called Cortisol Fragile X. That means he is cognitively challenged. But Jake loved football and turned out for the team. He went to every practice, every workout, and suited up for every game. He did this all despite knowing that he would never get in a game. It simply was not safe and would put him at risk.

That all changed the last game of the season. His coach wanted to put him in a real game. He went to the opposing coach before the game and explained Jake’s condition. He asked if the game got lopsided if it would be okay to put Jake in for just one play. They had practiced taking a snap and handing the ball to Jake who would then knee it down with no risk. The opposing coach agreed. As fate would have it, the game did become one-sided. It was a brutal 42-0 blowout (Jake’s team was down) with only five seconds left. The coach sent in Jake and the crowd erupted! Just then the opposing coach came sprinting across the field. He said he did not just want Jake to get in the game, he wanted him to score.

Now in football a shutout is a big deal. This coach decided that it was a bigger deal for him and his team to let Jake score. Jake’s coach said, “Wow, we didn’t practice that!” The opposing coach assured him. If he gave Jake the ball, they would make sure Jake scored. So Jake’s coach called his team together in a huddle and said boldly to Jake, “Big boy you’re going to the house!”

They lined up. Jake started jumping up and down. The quarterback took the snap and handed the ball to Jake who slowly began to knee it down while the coaches, the crowd and the players collectively yelled, “NOOOO!” Then, teammates, coaches, refs, and opposing players all started pointing towards the end-zone.

21 players opened up like the Red Sea before Moses and Jake took off for the Promised Land.

Slowly at first and then faster he ran! A 49 yard touchdown run! Number 45, Jake Porter had scored. Players celebrated, fans hugged and big, manly coaches cried.

A lot of young men played football that year, lots of games with lots of big plays, but of all the moments in that season, Jake Porter’s 49 yard touchdown dash will be the one they will always remember.

What Jake’s coach showed, that is belief.

And belief in others is the #1 quality exemplary leaders possess.

  • Leaders who lead with belief say, “You belong here and you can excel here!”
  • Leaders who lead with belief say, “I’m glad you are on my team and you’ll make an outsanding contribution.”
  • Leaders who lead with belief say, “You might find all of this a struggle. Well, so do I. Let’s make something extraordinary together!”
  • Leaders who lead with belief say, “Big boy, big girl, you are going to take it to the house!!”
  • Leaders who lead with belief say, “I see leadership in you!”

Who can you take to the house?

Image Credit: TheCommunityPaper.com

Catalyst Series: Five Actions to Change and Shatter Old Patterns

What do you need to change? If you could change one element of your personal leadership or business, what would it be?

Having the privilege of meeting with Laura was something I had been looking forward to for days. She is a seasoned and successful marketing professional who built her career at Nordstrom. She is an innovator, a creative thinker with a proven-track record. And now I was going to pick her brain to give me a couple of marketing nuggets.
I brought some of my marketing pieces for my leadership business. Nice stuff. Needless to say, however, she stopped me in my tracks… “Steve, when did you create this?” I stammered and stumbled… I couldn’t quite remember. Finally, I responded “A couple of years ago I guess…”
Laura: “Hmm. Why don’t we start with something fresh? Something authentic to what you feel now regarding leadership and the changing business culture?”

A lot has happened in the last 24 months. Laura was right!

A catalyst leader must embrace the changing times by stepping up and being willing to change, to stay current, to stay relevant, and to stay on top of the game! Therefore…

Five Actions to Personal Change that Shatter Old Patterns

Catalyst Leaders:

1. Play on the High-Wire:

It is easy to cling to old patterns, to avoid risk and to pull out what has always worked in the past. I love that one quote “Become brilliant at becoming unpredictable.” Rather than giving power to your fears, give power to some fresh new ideas and take risks!

2. Get Enthusiastic about Change:

Catalyst leaders see change as an opportunity for personal growth and business growth. Their optimism overrides their loss of yesterday. Plus, they get around other super-charged people who view change as an exciting journey into the future. Remember, the future is now!

3. Turn Post Traumatic Stress Inside Out!

Though we have not come home from war with serious Post Traumatic Stress, a lot of us have struggled with fears and a weakening confidence as of late. Renewed strength and courage comes with each new step and each new action. Soon the very stress that froze us in our path turns inside-out with new ideas and new game-changing tactics.

4. Set Five New Goals:

Nothing accelerates new good change like well-defined and written goals. I challenge you to write down five new goals for your leadership and business today!

5. Keep Faith in the End of Their Story:

One of my mentors had a heart transplant several years ago. He told me that the key to his recovery was to keep faith in the end of his story. He still had dreams to accomplish and memories to build with his children. His “second half” became his most impactful and most influential times of his life. He kept the faith!

Finally: What is one area in your life or business that you could change to position yourself for greater success and significance?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Here is to becoming a better Catalyst Leader!
Steve Gutzler

Emotional Intelligence Preview: Leadership Training Series

Steve Gutzler’s Emotional Intelligence Keynote/
Leadership Training Series! 

Emotional Intelligence Keynote | Leadership Training Series from Steve Gutzler on Vimeo.

Steve’s Gutzler’s Play Big Emotional Intelligence Training!