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12 Traits of a Modern Leader

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Today’s modern leader does not require a formal title or position, but they do possess remarkable character and abilities for decisive action. See how you match with the twelve traits of today’s modern leaders.

  1. Modern leaders are doers. They accelerate the action around them.
  2. Modern leaders do not manage. They coach and they lead.
  3. Modern leaders’ visions are cast with inspiring words and written messages.
  4. Modern leaders select great talent with high Emotional Intelligence and lots of energy.
  5. Modern leaders drive complaints out of their work culture and create an atmosphere which lends itself to solution finding.
  6. Modern leaders kill committees and resurrect the daily decision of “Do it Now!”
  7. Modern leaders reward smart failures and thrive on innovation.
  8. Modern leaders empower leaders at every level and gush over big ideas.
  9. Modern leaders know your spouse’s name and make a point to ask about the kids.
  10. Modern leaders tell the truth even when it hurts
  11. Modern leaders lead by example; they are the first in and the last to leave.
  12. Modern leaders lead through service. They give their whole heart and soul.

Adapting to the reality of a rapidly changing world is essential to the success of all leaders.

Which of these 12 can you take and apply to your leadership today?

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Five Questions That Will Prepare You for a Successful 2013: Part 3

Your success this year will lie in your ability to harness self-discipline around the small details.

Our family owns a beach cabin on the Oregon Coast. One summer, while I was growing up, my dad signed us up to be in the Annual Sand Castle Contest. Hundreds of thousands of people came to participate, to watch and to gawk at the amazing creations of art. It was quite a sight.

Dad wanted to create a real old century castle, the Gaillard Castle. The night before he laid out the blueprint and in a logical but seemingly not so kind way, he divvied up the responsibilities. Let’s just say I wasn’t the finish guy. I was the hole digger, the shovel hurler, the bucket brigade. I was a grunt worker. But let me tell you, his detailed plan worked! He had it all stripped down, detail by detail, from the mote to the towers. He even broke down the work within our three hour time limit.


Due to his extensive planning and our hard work, we took second place in the Classic Castles Category. It was a Gutzler Milestone!

This brings us to our third question on preparing for a successful 2013:

How will you get there?

I coach and lead many individuals around personal performance. The primary breakdown is not lack of gifts or even lack of passion. The breakdown comes from lack of planning. Not just any planning, but good planning. And good planning takes time.

I read a study recently that indicated that most people spend between 30 and 40 hours planning for a week-long vacation. They research, surf the web for sights and lodging. They map it all out. They create their itineraries. They put more energy and focus into planning this week vacation than they do into planning their whole year! I think I know why. First, we love our vacations and holidays. And second, a year of personal planning can be extremely overwhelming. So, I am going to suggest you start by simplifying.

Ask yourself: In 2013

  • What are my selected strategies?
    How will my business be built? What are those 7-10 high-value strategies that will impact my leadership, entrepreneurship, and bottom-line business?
  • What will give me my advantage?
    How can I leverage more of my strengths and say in the flow. How can I use what I really enjoy and excel at to generate business?
  • What are my priorities that give me the biggest bang for the buck? Focus on proven revenue streams that create and sustain momentum.

Every day you must be diligent in your work to follow through with your strategies for 2013. You cannot waste time on trivial energy, money and resource drainers!

If you think about it, we are all creating our own sand castles, but these ones do not wash away with the tide. These sand castles are built with the same care and planning and dedication and they will bring us fulfillment just at the Gutzler Gaillard Sand Castle brought me fulfillment as a child.

Can you start your planning today?

Great leaders are never devoid of personal discipline that creates their success.

This is Part 3 of a five part series. If you are just now joining our series, please read
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Emotional Intelligence Preview: Leadership Training Series

Steve Gutzler’s Emotional Intelligence Keynote/
Leadership Training Series! 

Emotional Intelligence Keynote | Leadership Training Series from Steve Gutzler on Vimeo.

Steve’s Gutzler’s Play Big Emotional Intelligence Training!