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The #1 Quality of Exemplary Leadership

Jake Porter

Ohio has a lot of big high school football games. But none of them were bigger for two teams and a kid by the name of Jake Porter than the one on a Friday night a few years back. Let me tell you the story. Jake Porter has a disorder called Cortisol Fragile X. That means he is cognitively challenged. But Jake loved football and turned out for the team. He went to every practice, every workout, and suited up for every game. He did this all despite knowing that he would never get in a game. It simply was not safe and would put him at risk.

That all changed the last game of the season. His coach wanted to put him in a real game. He went to the opposing coach before the game and explained Jake’s condition. He asked if the game got lopsided if it would be okay to put Jake in for just one play. They had practiced taking a snap and handing the ball to Jake who would then knee it down with no risk. The opposing coach agreed. As fate would have it, the game did become one-sided. It was a brutal 42-0 blowout (Jake’s team was down) with only five seconds left. The coach sent in Jake and the crowd erupted! Just then the opposing coach came sprinting across the field. He said he did not just want Jake to get in the game, he wanted him to score.

Now in football a shutout is a big deal. This coach decided that it was a bigger deal for him and his team to let Jake score. Jake’s coach said, “Wow, we didn’t practice that!” The opposing coach assured him. If he gave Jake the ball, they would make sure Jake scored. So Jake’s coach called his team together in a huddle and said boldly to Jake, “Big boy you’re going to the house!”

They lined up. Jake started jumping up and down. The quarterback took the snap and handed the ball to Jake who slowly began to knee it down while the coaches, the crowd and the players collectively yelled, “NOOOO!” Then, teammates, coaches, refs, and opposing players all started pointing towards the end-zone.

21 players opened up like the Red Sea before Moses and Jake took off for the Promised Land.

Slowly at first and then faster he ran! A 49 yard touchdown run! Number 45, Jake Porter had scored. Players celebrated, fans hugged and big, manly coaches cried.

A lot of young men played football that year, lots of games with lots of big plays, but of all the moments in that season, Jake Porter’s 49 yard touchdown dash will be the one they will always remember.

What Jake’s coach showed, that is belief.

And belief in others is the #1 quality exemplary leaders possess.

  • Leaders who lead with belief say, “You belong here and you can excel here!”
  • Leaders who lead with belief say, “I’m glad you are on my team and you’ll make an outsanding contribution.”
  • Leaders who lead with belief say, “You might find all of this a struggle. Well, so do I. Let’s make something extraordinary together!”
  • Leaders who lead with belief say, “Big boy, big girl, you are going to take it to the house!!”
  • Leaders who lead with belief say, “I see leadership in you!”

Who can you take to the house?

Image Credit: TheCommunityPaper.com

Exceptional You 2.0: The Pixie Kitchen

I live in the Seattle Area but I grew up in Portland. As a young boy my parents would take my sister and I on a couple hours drive to the Oregon Coast. One of our favorite destinations before hitting the beach was the “Pixie Kitchen.” It was a unique restaurant with all sorts of colorful rooms and enchanting rides. My favorite room was the Room of Distortion. It was filled with mirrors that would change how you looked. Sometimes you would be tall and stick-like. Sometimes you would be short and stocky. Sometimes you were wavy and sometimes you looked smushed! We would all get the giggles and have a blast living in that world of make-believe.

Looking back now on the Room of Distortion, I think to myself,

What is your view of yourself?

I’ve come to realize that during coaching and training experiences, business executives, professional athletes, and even recognized celebrities all view themselves through a mirror. That includes you and me. We all have a fun house mirror image of ourselves. That image of ourselves dictates a lot of our behavior and performance level.

Sometimes our image is strong and confident, while other times it is weak and insecure. You might feel lovely and beautiful or ugly and unattractive.

Remember: That image is powerful and can dictate how we behave and how well we perform in daily activities and one time experiences.


Start with the Right Mirror Image

You’d be surprised at the number of high-profile clients who struggle with self-image, self-concept, and self-esteem. Start by creating an image of yourself based on self-worth, not what an overbearing parent used to tell you, or a highly critical boss. It shouldn’t be based on the number of hairs on your head or your body weight or the clothes in your closet. Instead, focus on what is good and right about you. Focus on the things that say how exceptionally smart and talented you are. On the things that depict how beautiful and handsome you are on the inside. Things that show you that you are gifted and compassionate and created for success and positive contribution.

I coached a professional golfer who, at one time, was in the top 10. But over time, he got beat up by his defeats. Soon his image sunk and his game went down with it. We literally started from ground zero and rebuilt his self-image brick by brick by focusing on personal accomplishments.

If you looked at him now, you would have thought he was an attractive and confident athlete his whole life. But in reality, he was once very fragile and in need of some serious self-image repair.

How did we work together to turn his self-image around?

We made a list of 6-8 personal affirmations. We looked at them each day and repeated the Exceptional You affirmations. We literally stood in the mirror and spoke the affirmations out loud to ourselves.

  1. I am an exceptional person of high performance
  2. I am healthy and fit and attractive
  3. I am gifted and confident
  4. I am positive and magnetic with a personality that draws people to me
  5. I am caring and compassionate for others
  6. I am a thought leader and success achiever
  7. I am soulful and spiritually centered

Your list should reflect you and your talents, the areas that you are exceptional. We don’t all have the same areas, that is why we can all work together and bring new things to the table. Maybe you don’t have one of the same qualities as your older sibling, but there is no doubt that we all have something. You are exceptional.

Listen to the Right Tapes

Recently, I coached Karen whose self-image plummeted over the years due to her father’s destructive and cruel words. She struggled with her weight and with feeling unattractive. She had grown up in a home where she was compared to her younger sister who was “the pretty one.”

She said, “Steve, every time I was to reach for success I hear my dad say ‘you’re fat’ or ‘why can’t you be more like your younger sister?’”

To help her, we made Karen 3×5 cards with new statement about who she was as a person. We removed the old dated 8-track tape stuck on repeat in her mind and upgraded to a digital message of positivity, power, and purpose!

TRUE STORY: This then single, quiet, and insecure young woman is now a Microsoft executive married with children and she looks wonderful! She is radiant and confident.

Actions that drive new behaviors

Replace those old, negative thoughts with thoughts of the new Exceptional you! Then watch your behaviors slowly start to reflect those beliefs and uncover that new you. Be intentional about your messaging and be deliberate to correct those negative thoughts that will creep in every once in a while. Listen and repeat the positive.

This coming year’s results will be determined by your mirror image. Align it to your Exceptional You!


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