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Emotional Intelligence Bootcamp: Self-Awareness

“Debbie, facing the truth about who you are can, at times, be unsettling.”

EI Boot Camp Week 2

Self- awareness is your ability to accurately perceive your own emotions in the moment. As in Debbie’s case, she simply was unaware of how much impact her emotions were having on her, her performance, and how her team responded to her emotionally-charged style.

She was losing her team one person at a time, one emotion at a time. It wasn’t her tactics or strategies, but her emotional swings. She brought little discipline to mastering her moods.

“Debbie, can I be brutally honest with you? Facing the truth about who you are can, at times, be unsettling.”

The only way to genuinely understand your emotions is to spend time thinking through them. Think about where they come from and why do you respond the way you do? Your emotions are the reactions to the world around you and they usually come from somewhere. Situations create strong emotions. Effective leaders with high levels of self-awareness are remarkably clear about what motivates them, what satisfies them, and which situations and people push their buttons.

Week Two EI Bootcamp: Six Success Strategies:

1. This week, watch and observe the ripple effect your emotions have with your team, good, bad, and ugly.
2. Treat your emotional leadership seriously and be aware of the vibe you put off.
3. Feel the link between how you feel physically and how you feel emotionally. (Rest, eat to win, and exercise.)
4. Know what and who pushes your buttons and remember “Calm” is your key word.
5. Feed on a healthy mind diet of audio books and music that creates a positive mood.
6. Watch yourself in the mirror. Ask during every meeting, client exchange, and personal relationship encounter, “What is the message my emotions are sending? And how are these people responding to me?”

“Debbie, one final thing: no one has this mastered. And this is not anger management. It is understanding the critical link between taking your amazing knowledge and skills and leveraging your emotions for the best possible results! Emotional intelligence is leadership intelligence.”

Week Three of Bootcamp: Emotional Self-Management